Wednesday night, 24th February 2021, while I was making my daily’s portrait part of my ongoing series Disordinary Beauty, I thought about the day soon to come when I will become a father, the responsibilities I will have, especially in finding a balance between my passion for and work with…


On the 7th of July 2019 the White Page Gallery/s domain was registered and the White Page Gallery/s website went public online.

12 months have passed since we started sharing this journey together and many things happened and more are yet to come soon…

  • 25 x White Page Gallery/s online

This is a new culture, concept, methodology. It is a happening and it will shape as it goes and people participate in it.

Introduction. What we believe in.

We need positive stories and counter narratives. Art can inspire new models, new practices, stronger and healthier cultures within the art industry…

On the 11th March 2018 I went through a very bad episode on Twitter and today I had to think about it and act upon it and these are the thoughts about what happened to me but could happen and surely happens to many everyday. Someone accused me publicly of…


This is the edited/staged version of the project “Emotional_Scrollacoaster” that I presented on the 29th of July 2017 for #NEWWWORLDISORDER

> Video :

Emotional_Scrollacoaster is made of…

emotional_scrollacoaster (everyday emotions on Facebook, the effect of scrolling on our moods)

an open letter to… (an user feelings…

Domenico Barra

Multimedia artist nurturing visions, imagination and social awareness through the poetic of failure & errorz. On a mission called #WhitePageGallery.

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